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Aerial Flow 空中串連


To book Trial class / Purchase a package,
please WhatsApp Us at (+852) 9442 7395


- Aerial Flow 適合恒常練習空中瑜伽者
- 此課程利用懸垂掛布進行瑜伽。同學們感受飛翔及接觸倒轉樂趣,同時運用掛布的柔韌與彈性,有助加強身體伸展、力量、平衡及克服自己膽量。

*請注意:本課程不適合有視網膜脫落、青光眼、近期手術、月經期、高血壓/低血壓、懷孕和心臟問題的同學 *PLEASE NOTE: This course is NOT suitable for students with a detached retina, glaucoma, recent surgery, menstrual period, high/low blood pressure, pregnant, and heart problems.


1. 課程須先繳付費用及確保確保以 WhatsApp 將付款單連同姓名、聯絡電話、上堂日期及時間發送給我們,以確保留位成功。

2. 小組課程需2人成班。您可提前三十天進行預約,任何更改或取消應於十二小時提前通知,否則即視為缺席,仍需全額支付費用,管理層保留拒絕預約之權力。

3. 付款方式:

A) 銀行入數: 恆生銀行

戶名:Blessing Keen Limited


B) 轉數快:165914706

C) Payme

Please note:

1. Advance payment is required to secure your booking. Please make sure you have sent the Payment Slip with Full Name, Contact Number, Class Date & Time to us via WhatsApp.

2. At least 2 persons are required to join group classes. Advance booking can be made in a month period. A late cancellation fee (no show/ late cancel) will be charged for classes if a booking is cancelled within 12 hours of start time.

3. Payment Methods:

A) Banking:Hang Seng Bank Limited

Account name: Blessing Keen Limited

Account number: 752-026542-883

B) FPS: 165914706

C) Payme

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